Our Franchise

It is more than a business opportunity...MagiKats is a franchise opportunity that gives you the ability to build a successful and profitable business whilst helping mould the future of children and teenagers in your own community.



The Franchise Package

At MagiKats we believe that a good business works for you… rather than you working for it! That’s why we’ve invested years creating, testing, developing and operating an ordinary business that works in an extraordinary way.

Your MagiKats package is comprehensive and includes the items listed below. Please enquire today to find out more.

  • Rights to use the MagiKats trade mark, goodwill & intellectual property

  • Rights to use the MagiKats know-how, operating methods and systems

  • A customised business plan, designed to reflect your particular circumstances

  • Your own marketing plan, including PR articles

  • An exclusive and protected territory

  • Business preparation training

  • A comprehensive training programme

  • Ongoing professional development

  • On-site support visits

  • Marketing / sales training

  • Print kit of stationery and marketing materials

  • ‘KATS’ computer system 

  • Staff training programme

  • Proprietary management systems

  • Opening inventory



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MagiKats Franchise - Maths & English Tutors

Franchising is the best of both worlds - the ownership of a small business, combined with the support network that can only be provided by experienced professionals and your peers.

Is a franchise the right business opportunity for you? Read our article and that will help your decision making.

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