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MagiKats Principals (franchisees) are intelligent, driven and come from a wide range of backgrounds. They are looking to run a successful business that not only gives them a great return on investment but, critically, they tend to be passionate about helping young people achieve their full potential in English and mathematics.



What do YOU want from your new business?

I want a flexible lifestyle.

Excellent. Most people looking at franchising do so for that exact reason. The best franchisees are able to do what they want, when they want, whilst running a successful and lucrative business. This is achieved with months of hard work and dedication, a positive attitude and a little bit of luck.

I want to work in my local community.

Being active in your local community is one of the best ways to ensure success as a MagiKats franchisee. Getting to know your local schools, community centres, football teams and other clubs and social centres means you get to know the people who attend these places and events – these are your customers. 

I want to help kids succeed.

The MagiKats programme enables every child, no matter what their background or schooling, to make the most of their potential in English and mathematics. Add to that the study skills, thinking skills and problem solving skills that our worksheets encourage and develop and you are really doing the best for local children and teenagers.

I want to have a comfortable income.

Only you can judge whether the income from running a MagiKats Tuition Centre will be enough for you to consider ‘comfortable’. We currently recommend that you charge around £68 per student, per subject, per month. An established MagiKats Tuition Centre will have anything from 50-200 enrolments – you can work out from there what the potential is. There are costs and these are something we discuss later. It is worth bearing in mind that we do not limit one franchisee to one centre and territory.

I want to be my own boss.

By choosing to run a franchise you get to be the boss in the day-to-day running of your business – with the additional support and guidance that being part of a larger brand can bring.  You buy the rights to use our proven system and we provide you with brand guidelines and best practice procedures developed from our years of experience in working with franchisees. Our franchisees are our business partners – we work together to help ensure your business has every opportunity to succeed.

I want to be part of a ‘brand’.

The MagiKats brand has been developing steadily over the last ten years. We have worked long and hard to ensure that every one of our franchisees, their staff and our staff has enhanced its reputation in their own way. Anyone joining our network commits to contributing to the continued success of our (and their) brand.

Are you the perfect MagiKats franchisee?

Whereas there is no 'typical' MagiKats franchisee (read our case studies and you will see some of the varied people we work with), there are certain types of personality that will suit being a franchisee more than others. Read our article about one typical franchisee and see if you can imagine yourself in that role.

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