The ultimate in flexible working opportunities

Would you like to set your own hours AND choose your own income? Surely that's too good to be true? How many hours are you hoping to work? Do you want your new business to be full or part time? How much do you want or need to earn? Can you earn this within your ideal working hours?

These are the $64,000 questions (if you remember that show!) that all people looking to start their own business ask themselves. The answers are often complicated and very difficult to estimate – which is why at MagiKats we aim to provide a range of working solutions to suit all circumstances and goals.

So, who are you?

Profile One:

“I am a parent looking to head back to work after some time off with the family. I want to do most of my work whilst the kids are at school and feel I am earning enough to make any additional childcare costs worthwhile.”

All your main MagiKats work can be completed from home, at any time to suit you. The only exceptions are our workshops and any time spent networking to build your business. Workshops will typically run on two after-school sessions per week (or one after-school and one Saturday morning). Networking time is often during the day (parenting groups, small business coffee mornings etc.) or at weekends (school fairs, for example). Running workshops with a couple of members of staff and around 35 kids enrolled could earn you about £1,600 per month, after costs.

Profile Two:

“My kids are leaving home and I want something to do now I have all the time in the world available to me. I want a flexible commitment and a good income so I can enjoy some luxuries (and help the kids as they settle into their new lives).”

In addition to all the comments made above, someone with more time to work on building their business can develop it so that a key staff member can run the workshops for them whilst they are on holiday. To make this work usually needs a larger business, so maybe four or five staff members and between 60 and 70 kids enrolled. The time commitment for this is greater, but still flexible apart from the fixed workshop hours, which need not be any more than in the first example. This can earn you over £4,000 per month after costs.

Profile Three:

“I am fed up of the 9-5 grind and I want a new challenge. I want to build a business that, in time, will be my sole source of income. I love managing and organising and I am happy to work whatever hours it takes to be my own boss and a successful businessperson.”

The sky is the limit with a MagiKats franchise. We do not limit our franchisees to only one or two territories and there are options as a franchisee establishes a great business and excellent reputation to get more involved in area development. So, whether you want one or two territories under your direct control, or managers running things day to day whilst you expand, the team at MagiKats HQ is happy to support you achieve your goals. Our largest centres have over 200 enrolments and yet are still run by one person – what could you achieve?


Whatever your profile – one of the three above or something completely different - we offer a commitment to making your MagiKats Tuition Centre a success. We aim not for maximum coverage of the country, but for each MagiKats franchisee to be as successful as they want to be. Our background is as franchisees ourselves, so we know what it takes, and what the pitfalls can be. We can therefore sympathise – and tell you what we did wrong.

Why not take advantage of the huge earning potential of private tuition, combined with the proven quality of our programme, and enquire about the flexible working opportunities franchise with MagiKats today? Visit our website and request information.

By Sarah Marsh, Director of Operations (and ex-franchisee)

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