About the MagiKats blog

This blog has been created by a family team: Jan Lomas and her daughters, Sarah Marsh and Emma Lomas. We all work as the team behind the ever growing MagiKats Maths and English, offering English and maths workshops to children aged up to about 16. You can find out more about the MagiKats programme here, or on our websites (www.magikats.co.uk or www.magikats.com.au) This blog is our chance to comment on issues in the field of education and children's development. We wrote the MagiKats programme because we believe that children deserve a chance to develop to their full potential and schools are not always able to encourage this development alone. As we work with children from local communities in the UK, Middle East and Australia, we realise that they all have a desire to succeed and we want to help them do just that.

We hope you enjoy our musings and also that they often provoke thought. We are not aiming to produce something daily, or even weekly, but as an when we feel there is something in the news or in our minds which warrants comment. From time to time, we will also feature articles from our ever-growing network of MagiKats Principals.

Author: Sarah Marsh, Director of Operations, MagiKats Maths and English

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