Could you be the perfect MagiKats franchisee?

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Meet Sam and Amy. They are the 37 year-old parents of Max and Jess, a happy family that lead normal lives. They are great parents and are completely besotted with their children. Sam is a manager at a construction firm and Amy returned to work part time as a senior sales executive in the city.

The trouble is that although they are both in great jobs and their careers are progressing, they just don't feel fulfilled. This is especially true for Amy who hates going into work and desperately wants to spend more time with her children. Sam could see how unhappy she was so, since they had a healthy nest egg tucked away, he suggested that perhaps she should look at starting her own business. 

She was very excited at first and looked at a wide range of options that included becoming a business consultant, creating children clothes, starting an NLP and hypnotherapy practice and many more. But the more she looked into these businesses the more she realised they were just not her. 

One day she was helping Jess with her English homework when she started thinking about becoming a tutor. It ticked all the boxes in terms of things she loved doing but could she make any money? She immediately got onto the web and started searching for information on the tutoring industry. She was amazed at how big the market really was but quickly realised that becoming a single tutor was not really viable. Next she thought about getting a job as a manager with one of the tutoring companies. After a very short investigation she realised that the majority of the companies she found were actually agencies and she didn't want to go down that route. 

Next she decided to search for “Tuition Centres UK” and that immediately brought up a list of local and international companies which she started investigating. Suddenly the pin dropped. A franchise. It’s perfect! 

She looked at the options online and found that they were just too corporate for her liking. She liked that they looked professional but really didn't want to find herself in a business that she didn't have a warm feeling about. 

That is when she came across MagiKats. The website looked great and just felt like it was all about the children learning whilst having fun. She was getting excited as it was a well-established franchise with a proven track record, but the “clincher” was that it was a family run business that had the personal touch to its approach. That just felt right and she decided right there to apply to join.

Do you relate to Amy’s story? The key to understanding if you are (like Amy) an ideal MagiKats franchise candidate is to understand where she is coming from and what her motivations are.

  • She is well educated (ideally a graduate) with a strong command of the English language.
  • She has a family of her own and a strong support network, both emotionally and financially (family is not a pre-requisite).
  • Her background means she is confident in “selling” to others (not necessarily products as such, but also non-tangible items such as ideas), used to working as part of a team but also self-driven.
  • She is a natural communicator.
  • She is organised.
  • She is excited to learn new skills.
  • She does not necessarily have any direct teaching experience, but is happy with the idea of working with kids and excited about the prospect of being “in education”.
  • She would be capable of tutoring the kids herself in an emergency, but does not really have the expertise to work with all the age groups. She is happy to employ others to work with her to deliver the MagiKats programme as local mentors.
  • Although Amy is in her mid to late 30s, she could be younger or older, even approaching retirement age – and is just as likely to be Sam as Amy! Her background and mind set are more important than her age and/or gender.

If you think you can relate to Amy, then you could be just the person we are looking for to become our next MagiKats franchisee! Get in touch today to take the first steps.