A teacher looking for a new challenge found MagiKats!

When teacher Jane Williams decided she wanted a new challenge, she opened the first MagiKats Tuition Centre in Wales and took a gamble that ‘it would all work out’. So, one year on, how is it going? Has she survived the change?

MagiKats Cardiff Llandaff North
MagiKats Cardiff Llandaff North

Operating from her shop premises in Llandaff North, on the outskirts of Cardiff, Jane has over 40 enrolled at her maths and English workshops, which operate three days per week. As a highly experienced teacher, head teacher and school inspector, Jane has opted to mentor as many of the kids herself as she can – and she loves it!

“The materials are excellent for those who have experience of teaching and give students real value,”

said Jane when I recently asked her about her experience so far.

“Many students have moved up groups and made enormous progress and enjoy the systematic approach.”

Trying something new can be scary!

I was interested to find out what Jane’s experience had been, choosing to start something completely new after decades of working in and with schools. I am sure she would not mind me placing her in the ‘mature’ age bracket and she acknowledges that, after so many years being an expert in her field, getting used to a new system was scary and challenging in equal parts. Her tips for success were clear:

  • You must be prepared to follow the system and then the results will make you continue to use them well and enjoy the fruits of your labour!
  • Listen and learn and don’t try to reinvent a better wheel, there is no need.
  • Don’t panic!

Jane went on to say,

“I wanted to return to real teaching at the end of my career but wanted to remain my own boss. Not knowing anything is hard when you have been so professional all your life! Having to be constantly aware of marketing was a surprise element.”

The future for this teacher and her new business

Jane Williams
Jane Williams

Jane now spends, on average, five to eight hours per week on marketing. This forms about one quarter of her workload outside of the MagiKats workshops. The rest of her time is mostly spent on preparation and handling enquiries, calls from existing parents, and so on. Her next challenge will be to streamline her current work routine so it is more organised, with specific tasks done on specific days. She wants to have the flexibility to visit family and travel with husband Andy to Abu Dhabi, where he still hosts a classical music radio show.

When asked if she had anything to add, Jane’s response was quite an eye-opener!

“I wish that as a head I had realised the importance of times tables as this has been a revelation to me…”

Jane was interviewed by Sarah Marsh from MagiKats HQ.

Do you relate to Jane’s situation? Are you looking for something that could be an alternative to your teaching career? MagiKats maths and English tutoring provides a flexible lifestyle that fits around family – could it be the change you are looking for? Enquire today by visiting our UK website or our Australian website.