Ready to Launch - MagiKats Kingston-Upon-Thames

Alka from MagiKats Kingston
Alka from MagiKats Kingston

Alka was looking for something different. An after school tuition programme with “an edge over others in the market, able to “support students of all abilities, help them with school work and also help fill up any learning gaps at the same time.” She came across MagiKats and (in her own words) “all these boxes were ticked.”

A Franchise with an Edge

Alka joins MagiKats at an exciting time, when the franchise network is experiencing strong growth. Offering Maths and English support to students from pre-school up to GCSE, her Kingston-Upon-Thames Tuition Centre is location number 27 for MagiKats in the UK.

As a local teacher and primary school volunteer, Alka knew exactly what was missing in Kingston and felt that with the right opportunity and her skillset she could help more and more children achieve their full potential.

Choosing the MagiKats Franchise

Having two school aged kids gives a person an inside perspective. “I wanted to find a company which addressed individual learning gaps and also supported children with their learning at school,” explained Alka. “But, it had to be a unique company, and not a tuition mill.” The two strands of the MagiKats programme does exactly that in a fun and friendly environment and this is what makes it unique.

As part of our new franchisee process, we invited Alka in to observe MagiKats students of all ages and abilities in our flagship centre. Alka saw students working in small groups on curriculum related subject topics, developing not only their study skills but also their thinking skills, problem solving skills and social skills. She was impressed with the use of various resources and a multi-sensory approach which kept all students engaged and made learning fun and interesting for them.

A Friendly, Family Run Franchise

As a qualified teacher who finds herself observing teachers in Kingston, where students from all abilities are taught, it was important Alka felt she had “back-up”. When asked what attracted her to the MagiKats franchise opportunity, she explained that it was the fact it is a “proven programme” that has “delivered results, but at the same time is a small, family run business where everybody’s main goal is to help students.”

“I want to make MagiKats Kingston the most popular and sought after out of school education provider,” smiled Alka – and we agree that is a wonderful goal! Across the UK franchises, MagiKats has an average of 80 enrolments per franchise, an increase of 15% on 2016 figures from May last year. This is largely due to the can-do attitude of our franchisees.

Alka was convinced she would only take up an opportunity that she 100% believed in both as a passionate teacher and a mother.  It is this belief in the MagiKats programme and her local network that saw her getting students enrolled straight away. The weekly workshops will be run after school every Tuesday and Wednesday at Canbury Gardens Pavilion which is a perfect spot by the Thames. You can contact Alka and find out more about the MagiKats Maths and English programme on 020 3663 8407 or at

By the team at MagiKats HQ