A new era for MagiKats Maths and English in Rugby

Harsha Parmar

Harsha Parmar

After six years of successful tutoring, the Principal of MagiKats Rugby, Richard, decided the time had come to retire. However, he was confident that his centre manager, Harsha, would be more than capable of taking the reins – and he was right! “When I decided to pass the centre on, Harsha was the obvious choice,” said Richard. “Having worked with me for over three years, she knows the children and teenagers in our centre really well, so I was confident that she could take over where I left off and continue providing individual programmes for everyone.”

An accountant by trade, Harsha has also worked in the travel industry, but since 2013 she has worked with Richard at MagiKats Rugby – first as a mentor and later as centre manager. When offered the opportunity to become the new Principal, it seemed like a natural progression.

“The prospect of being in charge was both scary and exciting,” commented Harsha, “but having been to MagiKats HQ for my formal training, I am ready for the new challenge and really excited to bring the latest ideas from the HQ team to our Rugby centre.”

Harsha’s experience working with people to create individual travel packages has actually proved to be valuable experience when it comes to MagiKats. As every MagiKats student has a programme that is created just for them, Harsha knows how important it is to be organised and to get to know every student really well.

Harsha went on to say, “Over the next few weeks, I want to sit down with every MagiKats student and look with them and their parents to ensure they are able to achieve their individual goals. As we move into the new term, I want to make sure all existing and new students know exactly what they are doing. Longer term, I want to expand the mentoring team and ensure that the quality of our tutoring programme makes us the ‘Number 1’ for maths and English tutoring in Rugby.”

A final comment was made by Sarah, Director of Operations at MagiKats HQ. “Having spent the last several months working with Harsha, I am confident she will continue the excellent work that Richard has done in the last six years. The students at MagiKats Rugby will definitely notice a difference – but change is good!”

If you would like to contact Harsha to find out more about her plans for the MagiKats centre in Rugby, please contact her on 01788 877605, or you can also email rugby@magikats.co.uk. She would love to hear from you!

By MagiKats HQ