Franchise and family - why the two go hand in hand!

If you have been following MagiKats for a while, then you will no doubt know that we are a family business. Jan and Rick are the parents, Sarah and Emma the daughters. But now, the family links are extending!

As the business has grown, the team at MagiKats HQ has expanded beyond just the family and now has a number of people working either at HQ or from home, supporting the MagiKats Principals and the MagiKats programme. One of the most recent recruits, Anita, loves her new job so much that she has signed up her daughter, Nia, to the MagiKats workshops in Farnham!


Anita said, “Almost as soon as I started working with MagiKats, I realised just how special the programme was. I was already excited about working with Sarah and the MagiKats franchisees – but once I saw a few workshops taking place, I was hooked on the programme too. I have tried other programmes with Nia before, but this is the first one where she tells me she cannot wait for Wednesdays so she can come to MagiKats! Her younger brother, Jayden, is waiting in the wings to get a bit older, then he can join too.”

Emma, the MagiKats Principal running Farnham’s Wednesday workshops, said, “Nia is a great student and Anita is a great parent! I love being part of building the skills of the next generation and to be doing it for a colleague’s child is a privilege. I always do the best I can with every one of my students, but the pressure is definitely on when the child is part of the extended MagiKats family!”

Family involvement runs throughout the MagiKats network. In Hove, the local workshops are run by sisters. Several centres have parent/child teams running things, such as in Nottingham where all four of Shariefa’s daughters have worked in her centres as the years have gone by. The workshops in Scotland are run by close friends, Ifti and Ali (almost family!). But what makes the MagiKats programme so attractive as a family business?

Well, there could be any number of reasons why someone might see MagiKats as an ideal fit – but it’s how the original family have deliberately positioned MagiKats that has most likely made all the difference. With lots of significantly larger children’s and tuition franchises out there, it is the personal attention paid to its franchisees that really attracts people to MagiKats.

From the little touches such as free MagiKats programmes for franchisee’s own children, to the understanding that people are only available during certain hours, MagiKats has set itself up as a family-friendly franchise that really puts family in the centre of everything!