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  • MagiKats is a business opportunity in the education sector

  • MagiKats focuses on Maths and English tutoring

  • You don't need to be a qualified teacher or a tutor

  • If you are a teacher or tutor, teaching can be hands-on or hands-off as desired.

  • This business can be run fully as a management opportunity (i.e. no teaching required by the owner)


  • Worth an estimated £6.5 billion

  • 2.8 million pupils being tutored at any one time


With a MagiKats franchise, you can access a fraction of the tutoring market and still make an excellent living.

The MagiKats franchise offers comprehensive training and ongoing support, providing you with everything you need from marketing materials and advice, training, computer software and support with your launch.

In 2018, 100% of our franchisees said they believed they were offering the best service available in their local area that they would always go that extra mile for their customers. This is because we believe that every member of our network should love what they are doing.

KEY Facts About This Fantastic Business Opportunity:

The Sutton Trust’s 2018 private tuition poll found that:

  1. More than one in four (27%) young people in England and Wales have received private or home tuition, a figure which has risen by half since the Trust began collecting the data in 2005. Just over one in ten (11%) had been tutored during the most recent school year, consistent with results from the past few years.

  2. Pupils in London were substantially more likely to have received private tuition than the rest of the country, with two in five pupils from London (41%) having had tuition at some point.

  3. One in three (33%) pupils received tuition for specific GCSE exams, and 27% for a school entrance exam. Almost half (47%) said it was to help with their school work in general.

We were voted in the top 100 of UK franchises for 2018!

We were voted in the top 100 of UK franchises for 2018!

We support women in franchising

We support women in franchising

Proud to be members

Proud to be members


your own business - built to scale

What are your ambitions for your new business? We have Tuition Centre owners operating on a part time basis, through to multi-centre owners working full time and with plans for more expansion. One of the joys of a franchise business such as ours is the opportunity to set your own goals - it is then our job at HQ to work with you to achieve them.

Speak to anyone in our network and they will all have a different take on what it means to be 'successful'. They are individuals, with their own priorities. Perhaps you can see yourself in one of these typical profiles?

Profile One:

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“I am a parent looking to head back to work after some time off with the family. I want to do most of my work whilst the kids are at school and feel I am earning enough to make any additional childcare costs worthwhile.”

All your main MagiKats work can be completed from home, at any time to suit you. The only exceptions are our workshops and any time spent networking to build your business. Workshops will typically run on two after-school sessions per week (or one after-school and one Saturday morning). Networking time is often during the day (parenting groups, small business coffee mornings etc.) or at weekends (school fairs, for example). Running workshops with a couple of members of staff and around 35 kids enrolled could earn you about £1,600 per month, after costs.

Profile Two:

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“My kids are leaving home and I want something to do now I have more time for me! I want a flexible commitment and a good income so I can enjoy some luxuries (and help the kids as they settle into their new lives).”

Someone with more time to work on building their business can develop it so that a key staff member can run the workshops for them whilst they are on holiday. To make this work usually needs a larger business, so maybe four or five staff members and between 60 and 70 kids enrolled. The time commitment for this is greater, but still flexible apart from the fixed workshop hours, which need not be any more than in the first example. This can earn you over £4,000 per month after costs.

Profile Three:

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“I am fed up of the 9-5 grind and I want a new challenge. I want to build a business that, in time, will be my sole source of income. I love managing and organising and I am happy to work whatever hours it takes to be my own boss and a successful businessperson.”

The sky is the limit with a MagiKats franchise. We do not limit our franchisees to only one or two territories and there are options as a franchisee establishes a great business and excellent reputation to get more involved in area development. So, whether you want one or two territories under your direct control, or managers running things day to day whilst you expand, the team at MagiKats HQ is happy to support you achieve your goals. Our largest centres have over 300 enrolments and yet are still run by one person – what could you achieve?

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Flexible lifestyle and working

Most people looking for a franchise are doing so because they want to be able to set their own hours, their own working conditions and possibly to fit around family or other commitments. Apart from the set workshop times, MagiKats franchisees can work from home or their own office on a schedule to suit them.

A typical day for a MagiKats franchisee will involve a mixture of preparation for the tutoring sessions, marketing and chatting with parents. There is always the option to get someone else to do anything they don't want to do for themselves, so our franchisees can focus on what they love doing.

In 2018, MagiKats scored 90% satisfaction amongst our franchisees for work/life balance (in a national franchisee satisfaction survey), with the same number saying they expected to expand their business in the coming year.

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The Rewards of working with kids

The MagiKats programme enables every child, no matter their background or schooling to make the most of their potential in English and mathematics. Add to that the study skills, thinking skills and problem solving skills that our worksheets encourage and develop and you are really doing the best for local children and teenagers.

The value of being part of the local community and seeing local kids achieve is something that simply cannot be explained - only experienced! 

If you are a 'people person' then the MagiKats programme is an ideal business for you. You don't need teaching experience, as our comprehensive training and support programme gives you all the tools you need to operate one of our Tuition Centres in your area. What you do need is communication skills, high levels of energy and a positive attitude!